Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Hello and good evening my non-existant readers and fans! I like hats. Hats are cool. The world would be a terrible place without hats. That is all I have to say. Thank you.

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Sorry Kori, but these are too funny to pass! -you have to admit!!!
Just for copyright laws,
I got this at

Some killer Justin Bieber jokes I found online (safe link) Samples

In an interview with MTV News, Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe said that when he heard Justin Bieber sing for the first time, he thought he was a woman.  That’s ridiculous.  Justin Bieber is not a woman.  He’s a girl.
In next season of Disney’s Hannah Montana , Justin will be playing the role of Hannah Montana.
Justin Bieber is the Brand Ambassador of  sanitary pads.
Justin Bieber is using hair growing oil to get puberty .
2000A.D – OMG Backstreet boys!!!
2006A.D – Who is Backstreet boys ?
2010A.D – OMG Justin Bieber!!!!!!
2015A.D – Who is Justin Bieber.
Miley Cyrus shaves more often than Justin Bieber.
It seems he is using her older sisters in his videos.
Justin Bieber’s next album – My zoo .

My bunny

So yesterday I re-evaluated my knotting project, the bird, and decided that it was 2 hard and decided to go with making a little stuffed bunny instead.


Easter Sunday

It's Easter Sunday!
Super excited!
Baking all sorts of sweets!


I learned how to knit!!! Thx to Liz!
Yayyyyyy! Working on a scarf now!

Friday, April 22, 2011

TWDE (the worst day ever)

Ok, today is just NOT MY DAY
Today, I :
1. Stepped on an already-dead-rat, (so sad, the rat was so cute, I felt so bad, I had a mini funeral)
2. Scratched myself (deep enough to really hurt, especially since it's INFECTED)
3. Almost killed a plant
4. Broke a plastic flowerpot
5. Broke a normal flowerpot (u know, those hard, baked I guess kinda like rock flowerpots, I just can't seem to remember what they're called)
6. Almost used a dandelion weeder ( it's weird, it pulls out dandelions for u without u bending down) as a pogo stick (wouldn't have looked too good)
7. Said the "h" word in church (trust me, I don't swear, it just slipped)
8. Got called younger than my real age..... A lot younger (the person was guessing, not making fun of me)
9. Having a guy hear me swearing (it's fine, I don't like him, I'm just scared of his mouth)

Hope tomorrow is better!


So I was watching a rerun or Sharkboy and Lavagirl when I realized that the Marissa/Ice Princess girl looked really really familiar. It was so weird, so I did a Google Search on her and found out that her name was Sasha Pieterse, and I also got a pic of what she looks like now. So I'm like, "Hey, isn't that the girl that plays Alison DeLaurentis on Pretty Little Liars?

Because of this, I did a search on the cast of Pretty Little Liars, and BAM! Right there! Of course.

So after that I thought, "Wow, that means that Sharkboy and Lavagirl was made a really long ago.Cuz that girl is like, in her teens now.

CuTeSt KnIttInG pAttErN EvEr!!!!

LOL I made an account on that knitting website, and found the cutest pattern ever! I used to knit a lot and I think I'm gonna start again.

Check out my next project :D
 *note: these pictures do not belong to me. They belong to


I just asked for a job via email, and I'm REALLY hoping I get it!
Please cross ure fingers n WISH MY LUCKKKKKKK!
Thx everyone who's crossing their fingers rite now =D


Yesterday, I went to Boston with my mom and sister. It was awesome, I had so mch fun. The best part was going to the OLDEST restraunt in AMERICA. I got to sit at the bar. The guy was nice... and sweating. Then I got sick.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I think I'm starting to get the bieber fever, FROM KORIIIIIIIIIII
By the way, check out this site for bieber's family tree

Pretty cool

Check this out...... Kori

1. Justin hates ignorant and racist people.

2. His favorite personal motto: FAMILY FIRST .

3. 'Where are you now' was written about his Dad.

4. He doesnt care about the haters. He totally laughs at all the rumours about him.

5. He mentions how much his fans mean to him and how much he thanks them in nearly every interview/ appearance on tv :).

6. Caitlin Beadles was also supposed to me in the eenie meenie video.

7. He never got that Lamborghini from P. Diddy.

8. Justin hates been asked the same questions again such as "how did you get found" he says hes answered that millions of times.

9. He has a crush on the actress Elissa Sursara.

10. He wore invisable braces :) then a retainer and he showed it to his fans on ustream.

11. He says "If I could do anything I'd probably go to space with CHUCK NORRIS"

12. He says his favorite moment was when his baby sister was born.

13. His favorite british words are "Brilliant and geezer" lmao.

14. Justin once signed 50 posters in under THREE MINUTES.

15. Justins teacher: "He has no fear I couldnt believe how quickly he could pick things up soccer basketball singing dancing".

16. Justin is the only artist to have all songs from a single album to chart in the US Hot 100 (Because hes amazing :D).

17. Justin once got some boos on stage early in his career. Fans shouted 'I LOVE YOU JUSTIN' and Justin kept singing he didnt care.

18. There's a video on youtube of justin showing his 'naughty' side where he says the word vagina lmao no big deal.

19. Justin once said to a fan "Hi precious how are you?"

20. Justin once told a fan she looked pretty and the girl behind her said "What the hell?" Lmao.

21. When Justin was 6, he was only 15 ft away from a bear whilst camping.

22. So far justin has bought his album 6 times from all dif countries :).

23. Justin doesn’t find it attractive when girls only like him for his fame, he wants girls to like him for who he is.

24. When Justin first came to the UK he had 3 Krispy Creme Doughnuts all at once!!

25. Justin likes doing accoustic/piano versions of his songs as he feels they mean more when sung with a guitar.

26. If Justin has a song in his head, he will randomly just burst into song.

27. Justin's guilty pleasures are doritos and sourpatch kids.

28. Justin likes it when fans wear t-shirts supporting him.

29. Justin was thinking about going on American Idol before he got signed.

30. Justin hates it when people push him around, and tell him what to do.

31. Usher teaches Justin some dance moves.

32. Justin swears alot but tries not to infront of fans.

33. Justin is a yankees fan.

34. Justin can be really dirty-minded when he wants to be :P.

35. Whenever paparazzi ask Justin awkward questions he just ignores them and walks away.

36. Justin said his favourite thing to do is laugh.

37. Justins confidence has grown so much - he used to be really shy and look now!

38. Justin said to Asher Roth: you know you love my luscious locks LOL.

39. Fans sometimes try to sneak in with him, by pretending to be part of Justins crew.

40. Sometimes, even though Justin practices routines, he changes them on stage.

41. Justin is very imaginative :).

42. Barney's album, was the first that Justin ever had - LMAO.

43. When Justin doesnt feel well, he takes quick naps after lunch.

44. Justin says that Rihanna is 'hot' and Pixie Lott is 'sexy' ahah :P

45. For Justins first talent show, he sung "Falling" by Alicia Keys.

46. At certain times, justin has cravings for different food.

47. One of his most awkward moments, was when he was on a date and he ran into an EX.

48. Justin is behind on schooling for his agegroup.

49. THIS IS JUSTINS FIRST EVER TWEET! --> Check out my single One Time on my Myspace and spread the word for me' on may 11th 2009 at 8:27 PM.

Read more articles from harryandsiriusx


There's actually a website called



So I was popping some popcorn for the blog party, and the bag was super duper hot when I pulled it out. I open the bag, and BOOM! A piece of popcorn is just popping and hits me in the eye...



Today is the blog party at Kori's house. I'm picking up Renee. I can't wait.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Short Time No See

Sorry I'm not posting earlier. I've been busy. In other words, short time no see. Well, I have a new blog that not many people will be interested in, but I hope you give it a try: I hope you like my new blog.


To Bieber or not to Bieber? That, is the question

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Yeah, turns out earth day is next week...
Hey do you guys mind having another penpal because my friend Uta wants to write with us. It would be awesome, then you can call us THE DOGS. So how about it? Talk to you soon.
(PS. Still need a nickname.)

Hello, we'd like to

Airia:no fair Bow, how come u get to announce it?
Bow:because I'm awesome....
Airia:what ever

Anyways, we'd like to say/type, that this is the awesomest blog EVER
So,...... Yeah, that's all we'd like to say......


The Daily Pessimist: 4/16/11

Ahhh! It's been like 4 days, and I haven't been doing this segment at all! :-(]

So anyway, a few days ago I went to the library book sale, and I got about $100 worth of books for about $10. Awesome, right? No. If my (aka my mom's) schedule was a little A LOT more flexible, i could have gotten $500 worth of books for $5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Boohoo i cry


AHHHH!!!! So I went to the OptiCare this morning to get my eyes checked and buy new glasses, and I can tell you that it was not fun. So they puffed air in my eyes, and shone that stupid light, yes, but that I've done before. Here's the terrible part: So they gave me these weird eyedrops that were supposed to dilate my eyes. At first my eyes felt normmal.], and then suddenly my pupils grew HUGE!!! Now I can't go out into the light and can barerly see what I'm typing now, so excuse any spelling miistakes...

Friday, April 15, 2011


Yay! It's earth day!!!
Check out this awesome website to go green!

By the way, lets be nice to the little birdies out there,
What you need:
1. An open Pinecone (preferably a large one)
2. Ribbon or yarn
3. Smooth peanut butter
4. Spreading knife (butter knife)
5. Plate (for spreading the peanut butter on)
6. Scissors
7. And of course, BIRDSEEDS!!!
1. Cut a long piece of ribbon or string to hang the Pinecone
2. Around the top of the pinecone, (about three sections down) Tie the ribbon or string in a knot
3. Use the knife to get a large clump of the peanut butter on the plate
4. Spread the peanut butter all around the pine cone (inside the pinecone and around the edges)
5. Sprinkle the birdseeds now over the pinecone
6. Roll the pine cone on the seeds in the plate (to get the dropped seeds and to cover the pinecone)
7. Hang the bird feeder on a tree (hang the treat close to a window so you can watch the bird easier)
8. Have fun watching a bird enjoying their treat!

Go birdies!!!
5. Then sprinkle the seeds (


Wow... it's been a while since i posted...

Happy Earth Day everyone! :) Hug a large tree with your friends. It took 4 people 4 us to hug a huge tree at this park we hang out at all the time.. lol

EARTH DAY!!!!!!!

YYYYYAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's Earth Day. How am I going to go green ask. Well I'm going to bring a trash free lunch. Plus I'm going to pick up trash and of my driveway. Tell me what you're doing for Earth Day. Email what you did (or doing) for Earth Day to or leave it in the comments on Greenspot (One of the tabs). Later. HAPPY EARTH DAY!!!!!!!! ~Liz (and Ben)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lettuce is good

Dear Ben,
Whoops! The Human Girl is getting annoying.
She's all, singing random songs that are hurting our ears........ Actually, maybe it's not the song......maybe it's her voi-
OH NO! SHES COMING..................
Whoops, False Alarm!!!!
Anyways, and she's all In love with these two chicks which are Airia's favorite chicks so far
I mean, horses are awesome but STILL
Airia: they're so cute! I don't get how You don't like them! Besides, we get lettuce tooo!
Thunder: lettuce is good
Bow: but it's getting ANNOYING even though THG is feeding us lettuce th-
Thunder: lettuce is good
Bow: STILL.......
Thunder: but lettuce is good
Bow: whatever.......
Airia: I think it's the weather, Bow is getting grumpyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

ANYWAYS, lettuce is good

Hopping the weather is better,
The Bunnies
() ()
(o) (o)

Monday, April 11, 2011

The Daily Pessimist

I, Kori, am starting a new segment, called "The Daily Pessimist." I will inn fact try to post every day, but if I don't it's cuz I am pretty darn happy and positive lately :D... Is that good or bad?

Saturday, April 9, 2011


So I was at the mall today and my mom was buying some stuff for my dad in the men's section of Macy's. I was following her and taking pics of all the mannequins with heads and putting Bieber hair on them. Ok so the epic lol is... ONE OF THE MANNEQUINS WITH A REALLY PISSED OFF LOOKING FACE'S PANTS FELL DON AND THEY WERE LIKE, ON THE GROUND AND IT WAS SUPER FUNNY!

Lax (Lacrosse)

Don't you love lacrosse? You get to run and run and run. Well for me I like to defend, whether I'm in the goal or defending it. I have a game this afternoon. I can't wait. I'm ready to defend the goal today. I have to warm up first. My team does line drills, like passing and ground balls. Email me your favorite sport to: ~Liz

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Introducing... OTHERBIRD!

Everyone give a warm welcome to my little birdie Otherbird, a.k.a OB!
Isn'nt he cute!?
Lol I no one cal tell cuz iPod blogger sucks!

Now for other matters...
Who her plays farmville?
I need neighbors!

Ok so I shouldn't ask our nonexistent readers for farmville help, but really, I'm getting desperate... Imma good neighbor (like State Farm) so add me please!!!



Yeah, now I have more than one penpal. (More than I was expecting.) Alrighty I have something to say. YOU ARE THE BEST PENPALS EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALRIGHT TALK TO YOU LATER! ~BEN!!!! (P.S. Send me a photo of each one of you alone. This is for the Buddies and Frenimies page.)

Hi from Ben

Ben here,
Just wanted to say... I NEED A PENPAL!! I'm thinking the Bunnies will win, so...

Dear Bunnies,
Welcome to Sweet -n- Condensed. I love this blog it's so cool. Don't you think Uta and OB should be penpals? What are all of your names.\
Bark Out,
Dear Ben,
We bunnies would like to say some things......
Airia: I'm so excited to be pen pals with you!
Bow: whatsup? Just wanted to write that the human who takes care of me is forcing me to do this
(hehehe, gotcha, I'd love to be pen pals with you ;D)
Thunder: hi,
Airia: (Thunder is shy... But don't tell him I said this because he has a real big temper)

Hopping with excitement,

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

By the way

By the way, it's Renee! =P


Ohh Ohh Ohh .. and I pray
I just cant sleep tonight.
Knowing that things aint right.
Its in the papers, its on the tv, its everywhere that I see
Children are crying.
Soldiers are dying
Some people don't have a home
But I know there's sunshine behind that rain
I know there's good times behind that pain, hey
Can you tell me how I can make a change
I close my eyes and I can see a better day
I close my eyes and pray
I close my eyes and I can see a better day
I close my eyes and pray

I lose my appetite, knowing kids starve tonight.
Am I a s immer, cause my dinner is still on my plate.
Ooo I got a vision, to make a difference.
And its starting today.

Cause I know there's sunshine behind that rain
I know there's good times behind that pain, hey

Heaven tell me how I can make a change
I close my eyes and I can see a better day
I close my eyes and pray
I close my eyes and I can see a better day

I close my eyes and pray
For the broken-hearted.
I pray for the life not started
I pray for all the ones not breathing.
I pray for all the souls in need.
I pray. Can you give em one today.
I just cant sleep tonight
Can someone tell how to make a change?

I close my eyes and I can see a better day
I close my eyes and pray
I close my eyes and I can see a better day
I close my eyes and I pray

I pray ..

I close my eyes and pray ..

(I bet I can see Kori smiling)
BunniesGuess what?!?
I think my bunny, Airia, (officially the cutest bunny ever)
Is a girl...... Or a guy ......... Or a girl...........=P


Chopped All Stars is on and I bet only Liz knows what's I'm talking about :)
Itsa food network show for you people who don't know :)
Rooting for Chef Anne Burrell and Chep Nate Applebaum!!!

I don't know what's gonna happen if they're the final two

Chef... I forgot his name -_-Which they probably will be... 


Ohhh yeah blogging on my iPod!!! Expect a lot more posts from me!!! BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

Fun Tips!

Here are some things to do on rainy days.

  • make plato

  • bake a dessert

  • do a puzzle

  • invite someone over

  • play a vidio game

  • draw

  • earn money

  • blog

  • eat a snack

  • watch a movie

Now think of your own things to do inside. When you thought of them send them to me, Annabell. Peace out bloggers.


Heyy peepers! This is Kori! You have just stumbled across the GREATEST BLOG IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD!!!! This is a:

  • Pet blog
  • Green blog
  • Ranting blog
  • Life blog
  • Fun blog
  • Random blog
  • Photography blog
  • Food blog
  • AND MORE!!!!

It's Mia!

Hey everyone! It's Mia here!
Even though Liz has already invited you, I just want to say, welcome to Sweet -n- Condensed!

It's Lizzy

Hey Blog Followers, This is a blog for everything. There are pet pages, going green, and many friends includes. My name is Lizzy, but call me Liz. I have two dogs who will be blogging, Ben and Uta. There will be friends too. One is Mia, who might be joining us (NOT POSITIVE). Birdfeather created the blog. My little sister is in the blog too. Alrighty, later blog peeps. ~Liz