Friday, April 15, 2011


Yay! It's earth day!!!
Check out this awesome website to go green!

By the way, lets be nice to the little birdies out there,
What you need:
1. An open Pinecone (preferably a large one)
2. Ribbon or yarn
3. Smooth peanut butter
4. Spreading knife (butter knife)
5. Plate (for spreading the peanut butter on)
6. Scissors
7. And of course, BIRDSEEDS!!!
1. Cut a long piece of ribbon or string to hang the Pinecone
2. Around the top of the pinecone, (about three sections down) Tie the ribbon or string in a knot
3. Use the knife to get a large clump of the peanut butter on the plate
4. Spread the peanut butter all around the pine cone (inside the pinecone and around the edges)
5. Sprinkle the birdseeds now over the pinecone
6. Roll the pine cone on the seeds in the plate (to get the dropped seeds and to cover the pinecone)
7. Hang the bird feeder on a tree (hang the treat close to a window so you can watch the bird easier)
8. Have fun watching a bird enjoying their treat!

Go birdies!!!
5. Then sprinkle the seeds (

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