Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Check this out...... Kori

1. Justin hates ignorant and racist people.

2. His favorite personal motto: FAMILY FIRST .

3. 'Where are you now' was written about his Dad.

4. He doesnt care about the haters. He totally laughs at all the rumours about him.

5. He mentions how much his fans mean to him and how much he thanks them in nearly every interview/ appearance on tv :).

6. Caitlin Beadles was also supposed to me in the eenie meenie video.

7. He never got that Lamborghini from P. Diddy.

8. Justin hates been asked the same questions again such as "how did you get found" he says hes answered that millions of times.

9. He has a crush on the actress Elissa Sursara.

10. He wore invisable braces :) then a retainer and he showed it to his fans on ustream.

11. He says "If I could do anything I'd probably go to space with CHUCK NORRIS"

12. He says his favorite moment was when his baby sister was born.

13. His favorite british words are "Brilliant and geezer" lmao.

14. Justin once signed 50 posters in under THREE MINUTES.

15. Justins teacher: "He has no fear I couldnt believe how quickly he could pick things up soccer basketball singing dancing".

16. Justin is the only artist to have all songs from a single album to chart in the US Hot 100 (Because hes amazing :D).

17. Justin once got some boos on stage early in his career. Fans shouted 'I LOVE YOU JUSTIN' and Justin kept singing he didnt care.

18. There's a video on youtube of justin showing his 'naughty' side where he says the word vagina lmao no big deal.

19. Justin once said to a fan "Hi precious how are you?"

20. Justin once told a fan she looked pretty and the girl behind her said "What the hell?" Lmao.

21. When Justin was 6, he was only 15 ft away from a bear whilst camping.

22. So far justin has bought his album 6 times from all dif countries :).

23. Justin doesn’t find it attractive when girls only like him for his fame, he wants girls to like him for who he is.

24. When Justin first came to the UK he had 3 Krispy Creme Doughnuts all at once!!

25. Justin likes doing accoustic/piano versions of his songs as he feels they mean more when sung with a guitar.

26. If Justin has a song in his head, he will randomly just burst into song.

27. Justin's guilty pleasures are doritos and sourpatch kids.

28. Justin likes it when fans wear t-shirts supporting him.

29. Justin was thinking about going on American Idol before he got signed.

30. Justin hates it when people push him around, and tell him what to do.

31. Usher teaches Justin some dance moves.

32. Justin swears alot but tries not to infront of fans.

33. Justin is a yankees fan.

34. Justin can be really dirty-minded when he wants to be :P.

35. Whenever paparazzi ask Justin awkward questions he just ignores them and walks away.

36. Justin said his favourite thing to do is laugh.

37. Justins confidence has grown so much - he used to be really shy and look now!

38. Justin said to Asher Roth: you know you love my luscious locks LOL.

39. Fans sometimes try to sneak in with him, by pretending to be part of Justins crew.

40. Sometimes, even though Justin practices routines, he changes them on stage.

41. Justin is very imaginative :).

42. Barney's album, was the first that Justin ever had - LMAO.

43. When Justin doesnt feel well, he takes quick naps after lunch.

44. Justin says that Rihanna is 'hot' and Pixie Lott is 'sexy' ahah :P

45. For Justins first talent show, he sung "Falling" by Alicia Keys.

46. At certain times, justin has cravings for different food.

47. One of his most awkward moments, was when he was on a date and he ran into an EX.

48. Justin is behind on schooling for his agegroup.

49. THIS IS JUSTINS FIRST EVER TWEET! --> Check out my single One Time on my Myspace and spread the word for me' on may 11th 2009 at 8:27 PM.

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